Heilongjiang Tongjiang: Russia railway bridge record number

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 Heilongjiang Tongjiang: Russia railway bridge record number
Heilongjiang Tongjiang: Russia railway bridge record number

In November 8, 2018, the railway builders are near Tongjiang City of Heilongjiang Province, fishing island of Tongjiang Russia railway bridge construction approach on demolition of the bridge, standing proudly on the Heilongjiang Tongjiang China section of the Sino Russian railway bridge engineering has been completed, such as the silver dragon in Heilongjiang spread. According to the introduction of Tongjiang City departments, Tongjiang railway bridge between China and Russia in July next year to traffic operations.

Tongjiang Russia railway bridge is located in Tongjiang City between Heilongjiang province and Russia following Jennings wide ", is the connection between China and Russia's first cross river railway bridge. The construction section of China Russia Tongjiang bridge on May 15, 2014 officially started. According to China Railway Bridge Bureau experts, Tongjiang Sino Russian Railway Bridge hit a new record number, it is China's first cross-border rail set of railway bridge, can adapt to different specifications of the two tracks. In addition, is the first domestic T beam, steel girder, box girder in three different ways with a bridge construction at the same time. Tongjiang Russia railway bridge after the completion of the bridge, designed annual cargo capacity of 21 million tons, Tongjiang port connected with Russia following Jennings wide and north port, can be connected with the end of the Russian Far East Railway, Siberia railway to the west by the Russian hinterland, forming a connecting Dalian, Harbin by the Russian cross Tongjiang River Railway Bridge exit, new Eurasian transport big channel along the Russia Siberia Railway West europe. Han Jiajun's pictures

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