Found in Luoyang Han Tomb

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 (Culture) (1) found in Luoyang Han Tomb

It is found in Luoyang Han tomb excavation site (November 7th).

At the beginning of October, archaeologists found a Western Han Dynasty tomb in Luoyang hollow brick coupons, in the preliminary determination for Western Hanzhoung late. The tomb unearthed a bronze pot with a large amount of liquid, archaeologists speculate that the fluid may be the Western Han Dynasty wine.

According to reports, the tomb type is special, from ramps, main tomb, side room, corridor, ear room, room 6 parts fall. The staff have been cleared out of the tomb of a skeleton, buried with double coffin, coffin with a large number of jade. The main indoor tomb found geese copper lamp, bronze mirrors, ear cups and other funerary objects, the wild goose copper lamp in Luoyang area is first discovered.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Ang Lee photo

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Source: In November 2018 08, 15:24
(commissioning editor Chen Yue and Dan Fang)

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